About us!

Doody Happens, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a dirty yard. If your kids won’t pick up after your dogs, and you’re tired of keeping up with it, then we think it’s time you call your neighborhood pooper scoopers! We’re here to help when it comes to keeping your grass green and your hands clean so you can enjoy your outdoor area to its fullest. From here on out you and your family will be able to play, gather, and relax without having to worry about where each step takes you, and your friends and neighbors will wonder just how you do it!

Doody Happens LLC Pet Waste Removal has been servicing the Oxford and Tupelo area since 2016. As dog owners we understand that the well being and health of your pups go beyond your regular routine vet visits. Keeping the yard regularly scooped is one way of doing your part. After all, they are worth it!